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Where can you see a show with Rat Pack impersonators

Some might say that Elvis Presley has the biggest number of impersonators ever, but they don't take in count groups of people. The Rat Pack is a group of entertainers from the '60s who were known for entertaining, making movies, songs and doing all kinds of shows all over the country. Their performances in Las Vegas' casinos were, however, those that were praised the most. The main reason for that is that they were so diverse, but still a compact group who know what they were doing.


How can you experience that today?

There are, of course, some tapes that one can buy in order to experience a real Rat Pack show, but it is much more fun to do so live. There are tribute and impersonator shows happening every year and all over the US, from New Jersey to Los Angeles, but still those that you should want to see happen in Las Vegas. In Chicago and Los Angeles, you will find few monthly shows done by some mid-range impersonators, while those in Chicago are much better than the West Coast ones.


Still Las Vegas offers you the whole experience, because the shows are often held in casinos and hotels where they originally took place. But if Las Vegas is too far from you and you would rather like to go somewhere close you, than New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, New Orleans and Phoenix are the cities where you should go. Rat Pack impersonators can be found online, where you can book a private show for a part or buy tickets for a public performance. This way you get to experience Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. all at once. Be sure to take you escort with you, because she will like this far more than any person you know.

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